The BMW i4 Gran Coupe with up to 365 miles WLTP and is equipped with the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology. The BMW i4 M50 delivers up to 544hp. The BMW i4, quickly becomes the perfect companion for any journey.

Just remember that the respective range of an electric vehicle depends on various factors such as driving style, route conditions, vehicle equipment, weather conditions and payload.

The BMW i4 is equipped with the new curved display which includes the 12.3″ instrument cluster display and 14.9″ control display.

BMW i4 Interior

BMW i4 M50

BMW i4 Range

  • BMW i4 eDrive 40 Sport
  • BMW i4 eDrive 40 M Sport
  • BMW i4 M50

BMW i4 Charging Speeds

To gain enough charge to travel for 62 miles these are the charge times you can expect:

  • 7kWh Wallbox – 2 hours and 5 minutes.
  • 2.3kWh Slow Home Charger – 7 hours
  • High power charging station – 4 minutes
  • 50kWh Rapid charging station – 18 minutes

Your BMW i4 can go from 0 to 80% charge in just 34 minutes when using a 205 kW charging station. Or you can recharge up to 101 miles range in only 10 minutes. At home, a Wallbox gets the BMW i4 back to 100% charge in 13 hours. The essential extras, such as the BMW Flexible Charger for home use, the charging cable (Mode 3) for public charging and the BMW Charging Card for access to the public charging network, are included when you buy a BMW i4.

Does the BMW i4 have internal sounds?

The optional BMW IconicSounds Electric feature reshapes the BMW i4’s driving sound, both inside and out. The audio experience is dependent on your selected driving mode: choose between a powerfully dynamic sound with clear power-load feedback in SPORT mode; balanced acoustics and slight load feedback in COMFORT mode, or high acoustic comfort without additional sound staging in ECO PRO mode.

Is the BMW i4 a 5 seater?

Yes the BMW i4 is a 5 seat car with generous headroom and  leg room with space for 3 in the back.

How big is the BMW i4 boot space?

The BMW i4’s generously sized luggage compartment has a volume of 470 litres. If you need even more space, this can easily be achieved by expanding it up to 1,290 litres by folding down the rear seats.

BMW i4 Technical Data

  • Engine power 250 kW (340 hp)
  • Max torque Nm: 430
  • 0-60 mph: 5.7 seconds

BMW i4 Sport Frozen Grey