Volkswagon VW ID4 EV

Volkswagon VW ID4 EV

VW ID4 Models

Lots of different models to choose from in the VW ID4 range, now don’t get too confused:

  • Style (52kWh)
  • Life (52kWh or 77kWh)
  • Family (77kWh) 204ps
  • GTX  (77kWh) 299ps
  • Max (77kWh) 204ps
  • GTX Max (77kWh) 299ps

What is the range of the VW ID4?

ID4 range is 213 miles with the 52kWh battery and around 300 miles with the 77kWh battery.

What is the top speed of the VW ID4?

Top speed for most of the range is 99mph but go for the GTX and the top speed of the ID4 is 112mph.

ID4 Specifications

  • Length: 4,584 mm
  • Height: 1,640 mm
  • Width: 1,852 mm

VW ID4 Interior

VW ID4 0-60 mph Time

Reach 62mph in just 8.5 seconds with the 150kW model

ID4 Technology Highlights

  • The ID. Light communicates visually, responding to voice control and showing instructions from the sat-nav and assist systems. It even says goodbye as you leave the cabin!
  • An intelligent voice command system gives you easy, instant access to the ID.4. Just say “hello ID” to get started.
  • A 12-inch touchscreen display sits at the centre of the cockpit, giving easy access to various systems.

How fast does the VW ID4 Charge?

  • Charge time AC3 11kW – 7 hours 30 minutes(0-100%)
  • Charge time DC3 100kW – 38 minutes(5%-80%)
  • Charge time AC 1-phase 7.2kW – 12 hours 40 minutes(0-100%)

Does the VW ID4 Have a Heat Pump?

Not as standard, the ID.4, has an optional heat pump which ensures energy-efficient heating of the interior. This requires less power from the battery. The benefit: greater range in winter.

Can you VW ID4 Tow Anything?

Yes, the optional towing bracket is designed for loads up to 750 kg (unbraked) or 1,000 kg (braked). If you don’t need the towing bracket at the moment, you can fold it out of sight under the bumper in a few easy steps.

What is the VW ID4 Interior like?

The interior of the new ID.4 is so intelligently and spaciously designed that it offers you and your family an impressive sense of space. You notice this the moment you get in: plenty of legroom, a variable centre console and comfortable seats. This is rounded out by a central touch display of 25.4 cm (10 inches) together with a multifunction steering wheel featuring touch operation and vibration feedback. The background lighting in your chosen colours emphasises the lounge character. With no centre tunnel the floor in the rear is completely flat which makes for additional space to emphasise the inspiring dimensions.

VW ID4 Interior